Frequently asked questions

Q1 - How do I make a transaction?
A - To perform a transaction, you must:
  • ✔ Log in to your IZICHANGE account
  • ✔ Select the heading ''I am giving'' and ''I am receiving'' at your convenience
  • ✔ Follow the instructions on the platform in order to be debited from your account and receive your payment automatically.
Q2 - What to do when a Bitcoin transaction takes long to process?
A - Crypto transactions take time as there need to be at least 2 confirmations before the payment gets processed on IZICHANGE. This is peculiar to blockchain technology and therefore you have to wait for a while or send the id (hash) of the transaction to our online support for further assistance when after two levels of confirmation you are left without a payment.
Q3 - What to do when your account has been debited but you have not been credited in return?
A - For any transaction where your account has been debited and you have not been credited back, you will have to provide our online support or via WhatsApp on +22991920447 :
  • ✔ Proof of your payment (a screenshot that shows that you actually sent the money to our account)
  • ✔ The phone number you used to validate the payment (in case of an XOF deposit)
  • ✔ The email address you used to carry out the the transaction on IZICHANGE
  • ✔ The date of sending
  • ✔ The screenshot of the message that IZICHANGE sent you in your email (if it is a sale of cryptos to receive XOF)
  • ✔ The id of the transaction/hash/Txhash/Hacher (if it is a sale of cryptos to receive XOF)
  • ✔ Your delivery address.
Q4 - What should I do if I entered the wrong address?
A - It is important to pay attention to such errors. However, to correct a wrong address you need to send your ticket number and the correct address to the online support (i.e. via chat).
Q5 - What is the minimum amount of purchase I can make on the platform?
A - The required minimum is the equivalent of $2 in your local tender. Also, remember also that the minimum amount is peculiar to the desired crypto and therefore the quantity to be purchased; this minimum is not valid for all cryptocurrencies.
Q6 - What is $1 worth on your platform?
A - We have a multitude of transaction possibilities. At the risk of getting wrong answers, always check the website's calculator for fairly accurate real-time estimates.
Q7 - How do I verify the Izichange (KYC) account?
A - There are three steps to verifying your account;
  • ✔ verify your identity with a valid document that bears the first and last names you provided when you registered;
  • ✔ send a selfie that lets us know you really exist;
  • ✔ send a document that verifies your address (Certificate of Residence, an electricity bill that bears your name or verifies that you live in a particular home, or a bank statement).
NB: Remember that after the first two steps, Izichange offers you the possibility to make transactions while you verify your address later. Nevertheless, this verification is very important. Also any notification about your verification is sent to your email address.
Q8 - The introduction of a payment method in other countries.
A - We are actively working for the integration of your country's payment methods and therefore we will gradually promote transactions in your country via the IZICHANGE platform.
Q9 - Why should I verify my account on the platform?
A - Don't worry, this is a requirement from the regulating authorities in the financial sector. So many customers like you have already complied and made us a safe and reliable platform. Also the seriousness that we will show (you and us) in complying with this rule would allow the financial partners who, by their support could help us to have much more attractive rates. <b>IZICHANGE HAS TAKEN INTERNATIONAL STANDARD MEASURES TO VERIFY YOUR ACCOUNT
Q10 - What should I do if a currency is not available on the platform?
A - IZICHANGE offers a service of buying and selling electronic currencies, so it works on a system of supply and demand; it may occur that there are periods when a currency is lacking due to a high demand. We are also removing some currencies for maintenance purposes. However, extraordinary measures are always taken to improve the quality of our services and we ask you to follow us on our channels to stay updated with all these news.

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